Equipment for sale

Freight forwarding

Our company transports goods, materials, machinery to any part of the 48 continental states.

Overweight, oversize

Our specialty is the transport of oversize and overweight loads. Over the years, we have gained tremendous experience in transporting these loads. This experience gives us an upper hand when satisfying even the most demanding requests of our clients.

Port Delivery

Our drivers will always have all the necessary paperwork to drop off or pick up your load in USA ports.

Freight Consolidation

Our Company’s storage facility has ample room for receiving, storage, and consolidation of your freight for optimal and cost efficient shipments.

Load Assessment

Company drivers and surveyors, per your request, can receive in your goods whether itemized or in amount or volume.


The facilities of the company allow us to cover the transshipment of your goods by grouping and regrouping to optimize the shipments and save on costs. We have all of the necessary equipment including docs, ramps, heavy duty forklifts to lift up to 25,000 pounds, as well as all the necessary packing materials.

Yard Storage

You also have an opportunity to store heavy machinery, such as excavators, loaders, etc., equipment, and vehicles. Both of our yards can keep your goods on short (daily) and long-term (monthly) basis and allow truck and trailer parking.

Warehouse Storage

Our company offers storage in enclosed and secured warehouses.

Dump Trucks

You can rely on us for all of your dump-trucking needs. We will gladly transport any bulk cargo with our dump truck fleet to your construction sights.

Machinery and Parts Sale

We sell used tractors and machinery as well as parts for them.