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Semi trucks

Flat Bed Trailer

This kind of trailer has the capability to carry a maximum legal freight dimension and weight which are as follows:

Flatbed Trailers Maximum freight weight of 48,000 pounds.
Flatbed Trailers Maximum freight dimensions:
Maximum Flatbed Trailer Length — 48–53 ft
Maximum Flatbed Trailer Width — 8.5 ft
Maximum Legal Freight Height — 8.5 ft

Step Deck

These trailers are specifically designed to carry and haul freights that cannot be carried or transported on a standard type of flatbed, which is usually due to height restrictions. The maximum legal dimensions and weight for a Stepdeck — Step Deck Trailers are as follows:

Stepdecks Maximum freight weight is 48,000 pounds.
Stepdecks Maximum freight dimensions:
Maximum Stepdeck Trailer Length — 48-53 ft
Maximum Stepdeck Trailer Width — 8.5 ft
Maximum Legal Freight Height — 10 ft

Lowboy Trailer

Lowboys Maximum weight is 40,000 pounds for a 2-axle Lowboy Trailer; additional weight of up to 80,000 pounds depending on the number of axles used (weight of the trailer and weight of the load added together).

Lowboys Maximum Dimensions:
Maximum Lowboy Well Length — 24.0-29.6 ft
Maximum Lowboy Well Height — 18-24 in
Maximum Legal Width — 8.5 ft
Maximum Legal Freight Height — 11.5-12.0 ft
Maximum Legal Overall Load Height — 14 ft

Removable Gooseneck Trailers

RGN Trailers are excellent for carrying tall and long freights. It comes with a detachable front, allowing the trailer to be dropped on the ground in order to create a ramp. It is capable of hauling and carrying freights weighing up to 150,000 pounds. It can go from 3 axles up to 20 plus axles for heavier shipments. Legal weight and dimensions are:

RGN’s Maximum freight weight is 42,000 pounds.
Removable Gooseneck – RGN Maximum freight dimensions:
Maximum Removable Gooseneck—RGN Well Length — Main Deck 29 ft
Maximum Removable Gooseneck—RGN Well Width — 8.5 ft
Maximum Removable Gooseneck—RGN Legal Freight Height — 11.6 ft

Dump Truck

Dry Van

Dry Van trailers are generally enclosed and are commonly used to carry and protect the freights from the harmful elements of the weather or the roads. Freights can be loaded on the rear and are commonly loaded using a loading dock. It is similar to a curtain van and it can be loaded from its side too. Legal weight and dimensions are:

Dry Van Maximum freight weight is 42,000 lbs to 45,000 lbs.
Dry Van Maximum freight dimensions:
Maximum Dry Vans Length — 48-53 ft
Maximum Dry Vans Width — 8.2 ft
Maximum Dry Vans Height — 8 ft